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Xenical Or Alli

Xenical Or Alli

Various F..rms of Orchitis Mr. \. Maude: A Case of Myxo?dema. and
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census returns the percentage of errors in diagnosis com-
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Egypt, including many things of interest to the sanitarian,
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eases, any proposal to erect a building in the slightest degree
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The Vienna Medical Socreiry/^TjIh'e' Imperial Royal
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excess in any of the large towns. The 79 deaths from diphtheria included
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able for the State to compel the baptism of a child as to com-
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class ; but 1 believe that a knowlediie of these gained on the spot would
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importance, and the actual numbers should be ascertained
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June 4th urgent domestic affairs necessitating her presence
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vaccinator for election as guardians. The bill purports to give " official
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of January, 1893, convicted at the Old Bailey of unlawfully
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the patient last. If he had given the day before, on which
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If the admirably developed eyes of the cephalopod be examined two
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regard to the payment for the maintenance of patients, they are admitted;
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1. Was that professional;- i'. Was it neighbourly? .1. Was it not
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by all who do not wilfully blind themselves to the truth.
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(By J. F. H. BnoADBENT, M.B.Oxon., House Physician.)
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rurgie, mit 39 Abbildungen, m. 5 ; (2) Specielle Chirurgie,
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Dr. Arthur W. Edis, having resigned the post of Senior ;
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gelly. The district only covers an area of about three or four
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pulsory segregation of lepers, the institution of voluntary
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chief symptom, might determine quite early the correct
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Sir BttYDGES Powell Henniker, Registrar-General of Births,
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deputation will wait on the Earl of Kimberley, Secretary of
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Post mortem only the abdominal cavity was opened, and the
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organic iron is to neutralise sulphuretted hydrogen in the
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and the beginning of each receipt is indicated by some words
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tion of sick from healthy having, moreover, been impracticable. Only
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the Dead Letter Office, I must ask you to allow me to state
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case with many charitable institutions, they are not always
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from this passes interiorly over the surface of the masseter muscle and
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sanitary authorities as cholera hospitals. The Customs authorities had
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The fourteen cases included in these two lists occurred
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ties. Subsequently the Commissioners assQipbled- at Simla
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infiuenza ; but such cases are excluded from the present
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proprietary medicines containing poisons must be labelled
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great work there is a facsimile, and an abstract in French, of
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be convicted of manslaughter. But fatal results from the use
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and authorities, and is based on the outcome of modern
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