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Falmina And Aviane

Falmina And Aviane

embodying the result of another hundred cases, wherein syphilization had been em-
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from temporary local irritation. Itching was veiT slight. The child
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striking lesions, and none which seemed adequately to account for the
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parts, and varies to some extent according to the breed of the cow.
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ergotmol, given subcutaneously also and. if possible,
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mystified bv technical terms or phrases. This pamphlet should
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presented, without having seen its contents, it was impossible for him
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Having no medical record to guide us in drawing a com-
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others sad, and often suddenly passed from laughter to tears without any
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indirect from the effect of out-door life. In select-
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and Missouri have 2 each in the list, the only other State to be
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Female, aged 25 years (Laubie and Cactes: J. med. Bordeaux, 1898)
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the cells from which they come, the sense of well-being is en-
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« American Gynecological and Obstetrical Journal, April, 1899.
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fatality of these cases be reckoned on the basis of the preceding or simul-
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of what a horse with heart disease can do, and what can
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iced water, lemonade, cold tea, cream of tartar, &c. (F. 356, 360) ;
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Heavy lubricating oils applied locally are not irri-
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doctor calls especial attention. In this place, I re-
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questions. Nevertheless, it must be regarded as a step forward that
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C. Peters; Members of the Committee oii, Publication,
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by the gradual decrease of the pain, the tranquillization of the pulse, and
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counties experienced any unusual number of cases during that
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for forty-eight. He does not advise vaginal tampons of
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Yeast. — Brewer's yeast is one of the best applications
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toms named were admitted to result from the graver forms of disease of the
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corrosion occurred in spots or patches and not over
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want of tone in the parts, and swelling from the effused blood,
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twelve days in the regular intermittents, and f. om two to five days in

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