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dezvous. Buffalo, N. Y., and ordered to proceed home as di-

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large proportion are secondary cases, and that complications are

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Codeina (Codeine). An alkaloid from opium. A crystalline

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the hver. This symptom, noted by Scudamore, who believed that

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of intestinal intussusception with mesenteric thrombi occurring during

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i ii temperature for three daily doses of brand] ot 4 oz. each.)

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otomy is the remedy ; this proceeding being resorted to as soon as

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already anesthetized. In this way, only the first puncture is felt.


Resolved, That the Treasurer be directed, at his discretion, to for-

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bulistic, 79 per cent, were less deeply hypnotised. Lie-

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doses ( 5j. fd. ext.). I do not use the tampon. Opium is not

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ference with ethmoidal cells, and accessory sinus secretions are

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be watched. The ulcer was painted over with an eight grain

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system, is rapid, though its rate of movewent in these vessels is com-

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typhoid than during the summer season. On the other hand, Wash-

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IAC or of any alleged violation of IC 25-22.5-1.1, or of any

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opposite side, so that the point of the knife becomes visible in the sclerotic,

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Chipault, have of late shown much enthusiasm in the manage-

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to wear a beard; this necessitated the employment of

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alteration of the blood will increase ; and thus, as you perceive, we

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temperature has fallen to normal. It is generally tender in the

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persons thus provided should be one for every twenty-five head of

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over with soap and water, and it will be as clean as it was

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immediate neighbourhood of the wonnd, and the patients are hardly ever

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Shotty IjTnphatic glands may be felt in the neck, and the throat shows

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hour, as we have failed to observe anything of importance after that

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The tenesmus was relieved, but did not cease for two

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Mallett, Chas. Martin, Thos. Graham Mathews. John S. Maynard, Geo. Melville,

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