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the minute spirals for refractive beads arranged diagonally or some-

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the temperature gradually to about 70° F. To ascertain the tem-

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The greatest importance of the sounds is in the clinical diagnosis of val-

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behind the middle of the left sterno-mastoid muscle. A director

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of the kind happens. There is frequently also a dilated and sluggish

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saved by early repair. If the nerve is anatomically

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ing agent, after dilution, when they would not do so other-

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common cold, may be communicated by the breath — a matter of the greatest

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suggest to the surgeon the steps that he should follow in

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pletely abolished below the third rib ; the breathing was laboured and

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and McTaggart, confirmed by Appel and Thornbury, that solutions of dried

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scope, threads, hairs, epithelium, or moving organisms are evi-

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not heard touched upon, whicli seem to me might have


The objection that the skin was not likely to unite over an

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ceed in preventing the ammoniacal decomposition of the urine

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men, but this factor is usually subordinate to the physical weakness.

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never before seen a larynx in such a terrible condition.

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St. Mary's Hospital. — Six months' course, inclusive fee, 12 guineas.

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the mucous membrane or effusion into the interior of the organ,

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yellow; headache ; alvus tarda ; no sleep ; appetite remains ; tongue

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trouble the solution was merely exposed in jiny open vessel at room

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actually counted one hundred and fifty different kinds of pessa-

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