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Cortislim Original

Cortislim Original

Temperature 101.2 F; pulse 80/min; blood pressure 140/80
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gratuitous and unsupported by a particle of evidence.
body early in life, are assumed to remain inactive for years before occasion
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which, nevertheless, were powerless to infect the smallest rabbit,
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of each great toe was affected, the one as a slight cutaneous discoloration,
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affected with congenital phimosis (Hospital Gazette), Kempe
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dermis, so that in two or three days the thickening of the cuticle is greatly
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Two or three pints of liquid nourishment in twenty-four hours are
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FiKTBica ADD DiaiABES OF Coildreh).— .d Stated Meeting
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tion around the graft (Figure 1). A gallium scan defined a
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part of those responsible, whereby the programme of the previous day
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in size, and finally, in a short time will disappear. —
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had undergone recontraction of the ring finger, which
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further to add that, while this oration was in course of preparation,
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punctures are made, only a little fluid being removed at
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and a popular, inspiring, lucid teacher. Dignified, but
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seizures which have hitherto been too often described in a confused
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The general principle is accepted and forms the incentive of
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effectually open the vein, to place the patient's arm in warm
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British • The Medical Press and Circular, Journal of the Royal Naval Medical Service,
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was styled "The Physician," and by some moderns is called
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is to be published monthly, by Messrs. B. Keith & Co. The first num-
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pensoria;" and at the periphery of the gland it forms a proper tunic, very
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o«is liquors, and exposure to the direct mys 4xf the sun, several being

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