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Duac Gel Coupon Card

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blance to a typhoid-fever curve, particularly in the daily

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change, however, noted in these deformities is the narrowing of one

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nerves are simple tubes containing a viscus fluid, of unknown,

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which vasomotor changes could be imagined to bear on

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spectively as " Kelene" and " Somnoforme." Demonstrations of

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and one a "retroperitoneal abscess, which reached up to the pancreas."

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greatly for persons older than this ; and, lastly, that the increase has been

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The writer repeated Child's experiments and found this suspicion

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June 2d and 3d ; the thirty-sixth annual meeting of

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Case. — An English lady of 35 was sent to me by my

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Armstrong, S. T., 166 W. 54th St., New York, New York Co.

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aperient of bitarirate of potash with quinia, j It is also stated that an annual volume of

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As a diet for sick animals it is very valuable on account

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unconditionally prohibits the refilling of all pre-

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Objective findings include: F minus muscle grade in the strong hip flexor, the

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unexpected. The lymph, after admixture with the solution of chlorine,

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chapter, after I have first shewn the industrious mid'v's ife how

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traction of a male infant weighing 4190 grams. The pla-

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in the form of a flexible thread. It is only in exceptional cases, and

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vaccine into rabbits, after about eight days, causes also the production

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Horses that fail to agree must be kept apart, horses that

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a 1-1,000 solution of perchloride of mercury, or 10 per cent,

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