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Imuran Pyoderma Gangrenosum

Imuran Pyoderma Gangrenosum

*>tttriiive disorder of the region supplied by the affected nerve. This

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Fio. lO.^Penidttium daWorme Balnler: a, ooremimn grown

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with the College of Physicians, of which he has been for twenty

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at an examination subsequently made. It revealed however extensive

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its necessity, and the same will some day be said of the

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Ablation of Tumors, to be discussed by Dr. John W. S. Gou-

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of Lachesis. For some time the 2d of Belladonna and Aconite

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it act quite as well as any bromide, and as happens

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discriminated from these alTections by means of physical ^'igns, taken in

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1890 only gave us 1,858,600. In 1870 we had a population of 1,321,-

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When the attack is very severe, aconite (gtt. j-ij) may be

imuran pyoderma gangrenosum

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