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ones, found the specific bacteria with great frequency and of customary

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attain the age of five years ; (2) that the hours of attendance (at pre-

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before operation, which should take place abont the time the third injec-

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The results of all these observations show that the temperature

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Some of the most interesting of these phenomena are connected

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Run, July 21, 1861, he received an injury of the character

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tion, or narrow-angle glaucoma. Maprotiline should be

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must also regulate the bulk of food they receive. It is

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of even a four or five months' pregnancy, and in structure like

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The sedative bath is for the purpose of quieting excitement and

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84, soft ; obscure crepitus heard throughout both lungs, especially

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some slime upon him in the shape of evil counsel, that " bitter root

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varies greatly, being from 1,080 to 0,000 c.c. in the twenty-four

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compression of the carotids, are diminished by recum-

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skull, with elevation of the fragments. The j^atient

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of the case at this point, and here is his reply : —

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2. The production of muscular waste, and the consequent pos-

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" As we assemble for the first time after the departure of our

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also very infrequent in the scalp. They are almost absent from the mucous

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selves carried the British regulation knap- i but the majority seem alive to the ill effects


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Surgeon-G«neral 1 The Surgeon-Gkneral, in an endorse-

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and extreme atmospheric changes, while they are greatly

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instillation of a mydriatic, the pupil fails to dilate sufficiently,

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vaccinator. Instances occur in Avhich a certificate of successful vaccina-

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outpatient clinic or in a patient’s hospital room.

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attempted to make as much permanent separation of tissue by cuts as

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which is irreversible. The resulting impairment in hand

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