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Order Ab Slim

Order Ab Slim

called " ha^mic crisis " is chiefly, if genuine, a thing of
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its hemoglobin content, it is of some importance clinically to have
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to the individual. This with the depressor may now be
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of perception he possesses in order to note whether the
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produced by nerve agency ; but Carlson has shown that in the
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ticularly during July and August. First killirtg frost, Sep-
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ble to keep the fowl alive on the white rice diet till all fibers were
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more blood and so increases their activity : it acts, however, directly on
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the view that neurasthenia was more prevalent in town than in country
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to the common carotid. Thus a considerable supply of blood must
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Dr. A. G. Wollenmann, of Ferdinand, Ind., praises :
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travelling, but this necessitated the feeding of animals at
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toms named were admitted to result from the graver forms of disease of the
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appreciable increase in the death-rate, whether due to vaccination or not,
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tion we bad 28 cases of stone in the common duct, in 26 of which chole-
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neighborhood in the vicinity, yet nothing simulating milk sickness was
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colic is more uniform and less violent. In gripes the pulse is, in
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sistent thirst after the use of atropia in the laparotomy
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out" and whose clitoris had been excised. Soon after recovery
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of sour milk, i cupful of molasses, i teaspoonful of soda, a little salt.
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4°. Washington. [ Published Oct. 19. J [Lib. Ransom.]
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that recommended for pleurisy should be administered,
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passing strange, how few of our ancestors had appendicitis, and
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lyn and Baltimore three each, New Orleans two, Philadelphia,
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Addison remarked, that others were visible which were not only
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(c) The dysentery of war and famine frequently assumes a contagious
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Many attempts have been made to trace a connection between the
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•common pneumonia. All the usual complications, such as pleur-
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! A case of postsplenectomy sepsis in an adult following splenectomy
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In regard to artificial food for young children, Prof. Davis says: " During the
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to a committee consisting of Drs. Hutchinson, Gillette and Welch, who
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resulted from any of the cultures obtained from the cases examined.
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uncovered for the operation. Not only is that done, but the vagina
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are at an end ; the limbs of the foetus which could

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