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limbs being so common in surgery and in certain medical procedures,
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perhaps, that in all these cases irritation, established either
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— commonly two-sided and strap-shaped. One of the most interesting examples
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would not hurt him. He followed her instructions immediately,
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the alveoli into the bronchioles of this region, or which has
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this description, which would enable readers of little or no medical
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Am. Pub. Health Assoc. ; Am. Assoc. Ad vane Sci. Assoc. Ed.
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Dynamite is at present manufactured in large quantities for
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her wonderful power." This letter was shown, to me with quite an
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sores, and after the excrements which were gathered togeth-
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whether such agencies are or are not operative in fostering the spread
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neither sensation nor motion was in the slightest degree impaired, as far
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without pus-corpuscles. But, when, as in the present instance, we find a fluid
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observation, or it may be mistaken for a simple sore throat. A tabulation of
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along with any papers read in the numl>er of the Jouiiud
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circulation abounding in red corpuscles, and deficient in fibrin, — is of
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by an excitability most exaggerated, as seen in the knee reflex
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complete re-establishment of the functions in this patient ; this is the absence
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tion ; in fact it never is, unless after unwise therapeutic inter-
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Then, on the other hand, it is degrading to the human being, created in the
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and as soon as any derangement of the health appeai-s, to desist
of the plantar arch (hollow foot, pied creux). The toes
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without deafness, due entirely to dyspepsia. The use of
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they accomplish by quicksilver, that is, mcrcury,'m its
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The right kidney was dealt with first, and as she felt so much benefit
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combine circumstances which would enable him to make a
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one or all of these, or the " Forest and Stream," and to read " Halleck's Camp

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