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Silvitrata Imobiliaria

Silvitrata Imobiliaria

the employment of fained attendants. Nevertheless, there is still room

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in the case of children under 10 years of age it has declined 73

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was mentioned, and the value of the old balsam of sulphur in

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round-celled sarcoma— pressed upon the aorta so as to give

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cold wave are typho-malaria and influenza in various

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to accompany Mr. Lakeman to any town where the Secretary

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cinatedi.OO ifewer than 5Q (83 per cent.) occurred in children,


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shrunken and cannot be brought to the surface, I have usually

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lished in St. Petersburg, 3 in Moscow, 7 in Warsaw (1 in

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It will be seen from this outline that the adoption of the

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scarlet fever. In other cases where there had been excessive-

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me on November 4th. 1S91, by Dr. Molony, of Ballingarry. The case from

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discussion, it was finally decided that the ceremonial should

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the Rev. Canon Peligan, D.D.. assisted by the Rev. T. Liddesdale

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ments do not equally apply to Bloemfontein, and further that my letter

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Clark, London ; Dr. J. W. Craig, Bingley ; Dr. C. W. Chapman, London ;

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Madras Municipality Administration, Report of the. 1891-92.

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surgical authority that the wound caused by the bullet from

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Johns Hopkins Hospital. The same remark applies to the

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afforded full scope to that speculative, contemplativedisposition,

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through the bougie b, after having been submitted to two

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interests us is to know by what process — rule of thumb or

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geon for the iiighgate BraDch: doubly qualilied. Salary, £I.=)0 per

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stated are very inconclusive, and the girls from their age

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