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Sprixie Princess

Sprixie Princess

reasoning. We may perhaps in another paper take upland discuss the

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children as well as in adults, I consider the tincture of this plant far pre-

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traceable to the irritation of soot, to that set up by the use of a clay

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wise satisfactorily explained. Phthisis may, moreover, be


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*PORTER, Charles B., 5 Arlington St., Boston— 1866 — 3 to 4;

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Little Figure of Pathos — Keeping the Heart-Way Open.

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tions, which commonly belong either to the chancroid or

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ing the bulb, and the bag unfolds within the stomach,

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II., Fig. 1, than by any description. Toward the periphery anteriorly

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having by all their former efforts failed to do so, except in comparatively


sprixie princess

per cent of his cases of gonorrhea there was pyelitis. This

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I have had in the Asylum something like twelve members of one

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The best formula, according to Dr. Bertignon, is chloride of

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if we had been able to obtain a post mortem examination in every fatal

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that office. Under his management the affairs of the Asso-

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been ingested. In delayed digestion and in the achylias, after the

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As controls in this work, tissue was used from normal pi^s, from a

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pale, and emaciated, but totally free i'rom lever or local pain.

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the normal pulse and temperature, out of the question.

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The volume as a whole is well worthy of its place along

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certain time has elapsed subsequently to its conclusion. But, for

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should be circumcised, or in other words the foreskin should be

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Sports Medicine Boston/Brookline; staff orthopedic surgeon at

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surgeons, and a large (juantity of medical stores and

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