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Zonalon Package Insert

Zonalon Package Insert

first discovered they were mistaken for pus corpuscles, the result

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and his assistant, for at noon the collections of the morn-


clear areas, containing swollen, faintly staining nerve

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Indeed, there is a certain antagonism between the extent of the local infec-

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as Hamilton hesitate to do them honor, one must consider their

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possess these properties in various degrees and are otherwise more

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by enlarging the dose of this agent A tea^poonful of the mixture gives only

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called forth considerable criticism, adverse and otherwise. A

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mitted to examination, oxalate of quinine was separated. On the

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Committee to nominate Professors in the Medical Institution of Yale College.

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albuminous substances. Thus one can inject the blood-serum of another

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presses into it from behind. At last there comes a moment when the

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president of the Congi'ess, and Vice-President Fairbanks, Speaker Cannon

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Mr. A. F. Stanley Kent, of St. Thomas' Hospital, has succeeded in

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and certainly could not be regarded as affecting the choice of Malta as a

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vivid redness of the skin over the whole surface of the throat ; while

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the Peninsula, troops were at the same time leaving it, and before

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D disagree with many persons. By diminishing the congestion

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